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The Benefits of Car HID Lights

HID lights used to be a luxury accessory, but now they are becoming more accessible and standardized due to the superior technology behind their design. HID lights provide many benefits when compared to the outdated halogen lights. Car System Installation values customer safety and wants individuals to know the important benefits of making the change to HID lights.

What are HID Lights

The HID in HID lights stands for high-intensity discharge. Unlike halogen bulbs, which use a filament, with HID lights, electricity passes through a gas (usually xenon) to create high intensity light.

Why Should I Use HID Lights

There are several reasons why you should consider installing HID lights. The purpose of car lights is to illuminate the road at night. HID lights are brighter than typical halogen lights. How bright do they shine? HID lights are 3-4 times brighter than halogen lights. This reason alone makes them a better choice. Still, there are more reasons why you should consider HID lights. Related to brightness, the increased visibility they provide enhances your overall safety. Increased visibility means that you can see that animal running out onto the road and prevent an accident from happening.

They also last 10 times longer than halogen lights. Lifespan is important, it can save you a nasty ticket from law enforcement, something that most people receive a ticket from when using burnt out halogen headlights. Finally, these lights also use 25% less energy than a typical halogen bulb. While this may not seem like a lot, it can save your battery a lot of stress in the long run.

Car System Installation strives to provide customers in Toronto, Newmarket, Scarborough, Woodbridge, and the entire GTA with HID lights and other car accessories. Safety and enjoyment are two of our top priorities.


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