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The Advantages of HID Lights versus Halogen

Are you looking to upgrade the lights on your vehicle? HID lights are an easy upgrade that will provide immediate benefits. However, like any purchase, it is important that you understand what makes them better. Car System Installation is here to explain the vital differences between regular old halogen and HID lights.

Key Advantages of HID Lights over Halogen

A 50 watt HID light has six times more power than a 100 watt halogen light. You get a brighter light that uses less power. The most important aspect of car lights is their ability to illuminate the road, improving your invisibility. This improves the overall safety of your night time drive as it allows you to see obstacles and potential dangers well in advance. Safety is key when driving at night and HID lights provide a safer ride.
A 12 volt, 50 watt HID light globe draws around 4.16 amps, while a 100 watt halogen light draws around 8.33 amps. Once again, less provides more. HID lights are 50 percent more efficient than halogen lights. The math is simple. In addition, HID lights emit less heat because they use less watts.
If performance isn’t enough to sway your opinion. HID lights also last up to five times longer. Yes, five times longer. Not only are they more powerful, more efficient, but they also last much longer. In the past, consumers believed that HID lights were a luxury item. However, they have become affordable and easily obtainable as car technology has continued to improve and incorporate new features and overall designs. HID is here to stay and as awareness for the technology improves, it may even replace halogen as the default option for new cars.
Car System Installation provides car light installation services, including HID, halogen, and more. We provide our services to clients throughout Toronto, Newmarket, Scarborough, Woodbridge, and most of the GTA. If you have any questions about HID technology, contact us today.


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